Mercedes-Benz EQE — Svaberg (DC), Commercial, 2 min, 2023

‘Svaberg’ is hard to translate. The Norwegian word describes smooth rock formations sloping down into the sea — a typical sight on Norway’s coastlines, serving as beaches in the summertime. Merging land and sea, ‘Svaberg’ is the essence of Norwegian architect Line Solgaard’s philosophy of building with nature, not against it.

Starring: Line Solgaard


Director & Cinematographer: Cedric Retzmann


Assistant Director & Post Producer: Lucie Tamborini


Editor & Colorist: Peter Schulz | Studio Wilmersdorf


Music: Dylan Henner © Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd / Bosworth Music GmbH, AD93


Sound Design & Mix: Berg&Dahl Audio


Title Design: Studio Tillack Knöll





Original Production: Mercedes-Benz Me Magazine #371 “Destinations”


Client: Mercedes-Benz


Agency: Looping Group


Art Producer: Katja Nicklaus


Creative Director: Friederike Hamann


Senior Editor: Josefine Klatt


Social Media Editor: Nicolo Fischer


Photographer: Max Threlfall


Artist Management Max Threlfall: Greta Horsch


Photo Assistant: Christian Gohdes


Director Of Photography: Cedric Retzmann