Drifting Paradise, Documentary, 40 min, 2021, ZDF/3sat

Drifting Paradise is a multi-year documentary centered around the lives and friendship of two young men on the brink of adulthood, united in their dream of the perfect drift. The film was commissioned for TV by 3sat and had its premiere on December 6 2021. You can watch it here.

For Kurt, Lucas and their friends the serious side of life slowly begins as they’re entering their early twenties. Here, in a sparsely populated area surrounded by dense forests in northern Thuringia, they find their outlet in drifting – controlled oversteering at high speed. But as they each search for their own paths in life, their friendship changes more and more. Over the course of several years, Drifting Paradise follows this dynamic and offers insight into a unique microcosm, shaped by questions about identity, cohesion and growing up.

Writer, Director, Cinematographer:
Cedric Retzmann


Anja Wedell


Production Company:
Czar Film


Philipp Müller


Script Advisors:
Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger, Lucie Tamborini


Michael Kondaurow, Cedric Retzmann

Sound Design & Mixing:
Stefan Kraatz, Jonas Mantey


Alexander Binderer, Lukas Meinardus


Lutz Forster


Post Production Supervisor:
Michael Brüning


Retouch & Credits:
Lucas Pfaff


Commissioning Editor 3sat:
Nicole Baum